Thaw & Sell – Mini Cinnamon Bun & Danish

Bakery & Patisserie

 Baked and ready to enjoy Mini Cinnamon Buns, Dual Flavour Danish, and Danish Strip. Simply thaw and sell.

Perfect size to enjoy the traditional American Cinnamon Bun. Just thaw and eat a delicious bun with a cinnamon flavour with icing on top. Clamshell with 16 units (31g). Available for foodservice. Shelf life: 10 ambient, 12 months frozen.

Naked Cinnamon Bun available


Creamy and soft danish in either strip or dual flavour format (400g). Just thaw and enjoy for breakfast or a coffee break. Available for foodservice. Shelf life: 15 days ambient, 12 months frozen.

Company: Adel Corp
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