TastySounds Audio Lollipop

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TastySounds Audio Lollipop –

This elegant design lollipop comes with a convenient and comfortable user experience. Compact smooth handle is fit for even small palms of kids. Easy use by pressing one button to play and stop. It is pre-recorded with a song or a story with custom lithium battery providing longer playing time up to 60 minutes, you may enjoy the audio even if the candy is eaten up.

Key Features:

  • One button design, easy to use
  •  Compact size, elegant design, comfortable handle
  • All materials are Food-safe & Eco-friendly
  • As long as 60 minutes of playing time
  • Isomalt: Tooth friendly sugar substitute
  • Low glycemic response and suitable for people with diabetes
  • The mild and sugar-like sweetness
Company: Amos Sweets
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