Alkaline Kangen Water Machhine

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Japan’s latest water ionizer Built-in electrolytic tank, the latest development in the drinking water industry, with as many as seven electrode plates on board.
The newly developed SMPS power supply (Switch-mode power supply) is more efficient and Not only does it provide quality assurance for the electrolysis process, but it also enables more efficient energy savings.
The special design of the drainage device reduces the amount of wastewater generated and saves water.

Our Hydrogen Kangen Water generators are product certified for managed medical devices.
As the purpose or effect of alkaline ionized water
[Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms] has been confirmed.
[8 types of water] can be made according to the purpose, from drinking to cooking, face washing, and disinfecting washing water.

Strong alkaline water (pH 11.5) : [Cannot drink] Water with emulsifying action.
Alkaline ionized water ④ ( pH10.5 ): For removing vegetables
Alkaline ionized water ③ (pH9.5): For drinking and cooking
Alkaline ionized water ② (pH 9.0): For drinking and cooking rice
Alkaline ionized water ① (pH 8.5): Drinking
Purified water (pH 7.0): When drinking milk or medicine
Acid ionized water (pH 5.5) : [Cannot drink] For beauty such as face washing
Hypochlorous acid water (pH 2.5) : [Cannot be drunk] Water with high chlorine concentration and sterilizing power for sterilizing articles, etc.

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