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The story of Lakanto begins with the Monkfruit and the Japanese company, Saraya, which brought this unknown food to the world stage in 1995. Watch our origins here Lakanto Classic and Golden Monkfruit Sweeteners offer an all-natural substitute to sugar with 93% less calories and no bitter aftertaste. It is a spoon for spoon sugar replacement that offers the same flavour and texture, while also being heat stable in all hot drinks, baking and cooking. Lakanto Australia is growing our range of low carb, keto and diabetic friendly products to support chef's offering consumers meal options to reduce their calories and sugar without compromising on taste. We produce sugar-free, stevia-free, all natural Monk Fruit sweetened products. Our Australian range now replaces white, raw, caster and pure icing sugar, with a new range of Maple syrup, Chocolate topping and Caramel topping now available. We control the entire quality supply chain through cultivation, processing and shipping.

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